donderdag 9 mei 2013

LOAD Day 8: Canon shots and really fast scrapping

I was wondering if day 8 might be the day I would be skipping because today we were about to go on a long weekend away. And as we were swapping house I spent most of the day washing, cleaning and packing. When all that was done and I had a little bit of time left I decided to check out the prompt and it was Colonel Mustard. Lain suggested, among other things, to scrap an army or navy themed page. And that was all I needed to scrap the fastest page ever, under 30 minutes, including painting the crown gold!

I did the journalling in a Word document and then wondered if I could turn it into our flag by adding blue and red background colouring above and below it. It worked. Printed it out, cut photos to size, paint crown gold and add everything to the orange background paper to reflect our royal family being from the House of Orange.

The pictures are from the morning of our last Queensday. Our Queen Beatrix abdicated that morning and in the afternoon her son Willem Alexander was installed as our new King. It was a day filled with festivities and rituals. One of them being a Dutch navy fregat sailing up the IJ (river like body of water on the edge of Amsterdam) firing off 101 canon shots. All very exciting. Having my son, husband and my best friend with her 3 kids (bottom right) there made it even better.

Now I am not sure what the next few days will bring where LOAD is concerned. We are away with our little family of three and I want to enjoy my time away so I wonder if the scrapping will happen. We'll see.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Lekker creatief bezig zie ik! Leuk je op blogspot tegen te komen :-)

  2. Nu toch maar even in het Nederlands. Wat een leuke layout! De journaling op het rood, wit en blauw met de gouden kroon past zo goed bij de foto's van Koninginnedag!