maandag 6 mei 2013

LOAD Day 6 - Red Herring and starting to loose sleep!

Today's prompt was about terminology: A Red Herring is giving our misleading clues in a mystery story.

I have taken the prompt in a rather different direction. In my mother tongue of Dutch to give somebody a misleading clue or idea is called 'to put someone on the wrong leg' (it sounds better in Dutch...) and I then arrived at the the following event of my son wearing two different shoes. 

The journalling reads: At the beginning of 2013 I had started to let Thomas choose the clothes and shoes he wants to wear. There would always be a choice of two. When it came to his shoes I asked him if he'd like to wear his brown boots or his blue sneakers. He cheekily answered: 'Both!' And so it was that he went to school with two different shoes. To his credit he never complained once and now regularly ask to wear two different shoes. My mother adviced me to change up the left and right shoes of each pair so as not to wear one of then down much more than the other. Good advice!

Today and yesterday were tough days. Lots going on during the day so scrapping is postponed to the evening and with uploading to Flickr, Facebook, Scrapfever forum and this blog I going to bed far too late. Really feeling it today, keep wanting to close my eyes and lie down. Better get to bed now. 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een origineel kind heb jij! Ik vind het echt geweldig.
    Ik ben benieuwd of dat nou lekker loopt aar hij zal er wel geen last van hebben.
    Leuk lootje!

    1. Dank je Arja!

      Hij heeft er geen enkele last van. Hij rent en klimt alsof 'ie twee gelijke schoenen aan heeft. Hij heeft ook nog geen enkele keer geklaagd dat hij zijn andere schoen aan wil als we eenmaal het huis uit waren. Hij zal ze allebei wel helemaal in gelopen hebben:-)