vrijdag 24 mei 2013

LOAD 19-23 Still going strong!

So it's been a bit manic trying to do a layout, upload it to Flickr, give some LOVE (i.e. positive comments on fellow loadster's pictures), keep this blog updated and sleep (and raise a 3 yo, cook, clean, etc...) so I had to here are the layouts for the last week or so.

Day 19: A is for Alibi became a layout voor mijn lieve vriendin Anouk. In the journalling I described her using the remaining 25 letters of alphabet.

Day 20:  The prompt was suspense which I took more in the anticipation direction and made a digital layout about the anticipation I felt that day because it was my birthday the next day. I love all these 'nights before...Christmas, birthday, New Years etc' I'm really still a little kid:-)

Day 21: The prompt was just 'WHAT?' so I went with this picture of my brother and me back in the seventies playing with.....a casette deck! 'A what?'

Day 22: Miss Scarlet! Well I took it in the direction of the colour red but really I am not that fond of the colour red. So I started thinking about what red things I do like. One red think I really like are poppies! But I hardly had any good shots of red poppies, I had plenty good shots of fuchsia and soft powdery pink poppies.... So I had to work with this Drive-by shot made on vacation in Northunberland last year. These poppies were huge, bigger than my hand. I made the embellishments from some white die cuts I had received in a swap a while ago. I had a lot of fun personalizing them with inks. 

Day 23: Another digi-layout from our trip to Maastricht this month. The prompt was 'Candlestick' and I went with these shots of all the candles in the basilica of Our Dear Lady in Maastricht. I had so much fun putting the background paper together with all the digistamps and borders. Loved being able to adjust the title to match the colours on my layout. I can do an art journal style without all the mess:-) 

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