donderdag 2 mei 2013

LOAD Day 2: Taking a stab at something new

Thursday on LOAD 513 are about weapons and today's clue is 'Taking a stab at it'. You could literally run a knife over your layout or pierce some holes. I took the more symbolic meaning of trying something new and scrapped some pictures of a vintage layout workshop I did at Essies in Almere:

For this layout I kept it a bit more toned down than the one I did in the workshop: tearing, distressing and inking the edges with Walnut stain. The font is Calligraph421 BT, I really like it. And I already know I will use it again in the future because there is a Pirate layout waiting to be made:-)

So, what new thing would you still like to 'take a stab' at? Still on the do-I-dare list is sewing on the page. I really dread my machine playing up and it all becoming one big tangled up mess. But I already know I will do it, I can try anything!

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