vrijdag 3 mei 2013

LOAD Day 3: What's cooking Hot Stuff - a digi layout

Friday's we are in a room on the Clue board and today we are in the kitchen so think cooking, food, recipes and kitchen make-overs. I immediately knew I wanted to scrap the pictures of Chris' brewing. But I hadn't printed out any of the photos I had been taking over the years. So I decided to try my hand at a digi layout using a cd and book by Helen Bradley: Scrapbooking. The elements were all a bit dated but this background I found looks a lot like the ground barley flakes and oats that go into the brewing pots. 

I had only ever done one digi layout years ago when I got the book and that was just following the exact steps in the book. The book works with Photoshop Elements which I have but hardly use so it was great to be able to work with it. It wasn't easy though but faster than printing out all those pictures. I have a very 'sensitive' printer. I am most proud of being able to put shadows arond my pictures and other elements so it has a bit of dimension. And it is great to be able to just resize your photos and elements to your heart's desire. But I am anxious to get back to my patterned papers and embellishments:-)

Have you tried digi scrapping yet? What do you think?

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