zaterdag 11 mei 2013

LOAD Day 11: Lust for Life!

Wooohooo, I've made it one third into the month: 11 layouts in 11 days. I am very pleased with this result. No guarantees for the future though, tomorrow will be a challenge. We are leaving our vacation address early (some cleaning required) and then we are off to the Thomas the Tank Engine weekend in Utrecht. This should be great fun for Thomas but a bit tiring for mummy and daddy.  We'll be home around dinner time and will have to do some unpacking etc. I am going to attampt to do my layout in the car on the way to Utrecht. I love getting this job out of the way as early in my day as possible. It means I get some proper nights sleep and that is really important if you're trying to raise a young boy;-)

As you can see on the layout our little man (the one in the blue top) loves to rough and tumble! Pictures were taken yesterday while we were visiting friends with their kids on a campsite close to our vacation address. Because I am digiscrapping for this vacation I can just use the pics I take immediately. At any size I like, that's pretty cool. I get so much inspiration from the digi kits as well. I would really like to recreate in 'paper'  that star embellishment with all the bits of ribbon behind it. But for now I went with customizing the original digital embellishment with some alphas (letters) from three different kits by Happy to Create: Awesome Life, Awesome Kid and Action Hero. I really enjoyed trying some more embellishments but all in all it's still a very simple layout, just the way I like it.

Before I forget: Today's prompt was 'Lust' and I went with Lust for Life as these three boys are just having a blast making the most of life. 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks for sharing. Loved to read more about the background for your layouts.

  2. You're welcome Elin! I just had a quick look at your website and saw you downloaded a Kathy Zielske template, I'll have to check that out. I have one of her books and really like her style.

  3. Fun layout, Sonja. I like the bright colors very much. I'm digi scrapping too this LOAD and it saves me a lot of time (or it seems that way).

    Did you have fun at the museum? We went there a couple of years ago for Thomas the tank engine. It was so crowded but so much fun!