donderdag 16 mei 2013

LOAD Day 16: A brother and his tools and a sister using hers...

The prompt for Day 16 was a wrench, a tool used in plumbing if I'm right;-) It made me think about this picture I had of my brother cutting my bike loose after I had lost the keys to the lock... I had wanted to scrap this picture for a while and this was my chance. I took the prompt to tell about how I call on my brother whenever I need any tool bigger than a hammer or a screw driver. And he pretty much always delivers: huge hammers, tree cutters, brick laying equipment. You name it, he's got it or he can get it somewhere. And...he'll help me use it or do it for me. What a brother!

The other part of this layout is that I have used my tool (heat gun) for the second time since I got it last year. I used it to emboss the  cogs in gold (it doesn't show on this picture but believe me it looks pretty cool:-) and I was really happy about that. 

And to help me use my other tools more often I have just purchased Jennifer Gallagher's Tools School mini workshop (video). Looking forward to checking that out!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. heee Sonja, deze is ook leuk.
    Are you stuck now? Ben je gestopt bij dag 16, nog kanp dat je dat 16 dagen volgehouden hebt!!!

    1. Nee, nee, ben nog steeds 1-op-1 alleen even geen tijd gehad om op te laden. Is allemaal een beetje druk weer met zo'n lang weekend en vandaag mijn verjaardag:-)

    2. gefeliciteerd dan!
      En knap hoor, dat je het zo goed volhoudt!