woensdag 11 december 2013

December Daily....eeh how about weekly?

Until last year I had never heard of December Daily (or DD...like there aren't about a dozen things that could mean ?). But when I did find out I was very intrigued. Was this something I could and wanted to do?

I loved seeing the christmas themed albums and all those great pictures of typical (American) Christmas scenes: trees, pj's, hot cocao and Starbucks red cup:-) But it also seemed like a lot of work and I didn't really like the idea of making a separate booklet for that one month of the year. I kind of like my months to stick together if you know what I mean:-)

But then there is the great sense of community you get from joining hundreds (if not thousands) of scrapbookers who do do DD. What to do? I thought I would just watch what others did and not do anything myself. Well that didn't really work for more than a day or so:-)

I soon got it into my head that I could do one picture a day and maybe all those 31 individual pictures could just go into one huge double spread. So I asked for some tips on the Holiday Storyteller FB page. And they had loads of templates to use. This got me thinking that I may have something in my digi-stash already that I could use. And that's when my month-across-two-pages plan turned into my one-week-a-page plan and that's what I'm going with:-)

Week one is done. It is all in Dutch, sorry...but it is all about a very Dutch tradition of St Nicolas. Like Santa he brings presents for the children, only he arrives halfway through November by steam boat from Spain and his main drop-off is December 5th. After that it's full speed for Christmas: getting a tree and decorating!
I used a template by Penny Springman, background papers by LLIELLA Designs and Basic Studio (kraft).The row of houses and arrow are by MO&Mo Studio, a Dutch design studio that does special St. Nicolas papers and embellishments.

Are you doing December Daily or some Sinterklaas or Christmas themed layouts? Let me know, I'd love to see them.

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