maandag 2 september 2013

Do it now! A bed for Eeyore

This morning my 4 yo son insisted on bringing his stuffed Eeyore with us to school. We got him dressed and took him on the bike with us. But as much as everyone liked him he couldn't stay in school so he came back on the bike with me.

When I arrived home with Eeyore on my arm I decided to get the doll bed out of the basement. I had bought it two years ago but my little man had little interest for dolls back then. But things have changed now that he is in kindergarten. There is a lot of 'playing mommy and daddy, cooking, cleaning and now, caring going on. I LOVE it! 

So when I got the bed upstairs I got the urge to make some bedding for it. I first wanted to postpone it until 'I had time to spare' but I figured it would never happen. You see, I am a little scared of my sewing machine (I get big knots of thread so often!!!) But something inside me said: 'Do it now!' and I just got on with it. I used an old curtain in a nice colour, an old piece of changing matt (for the mattress) and some stuffing (for the pillow and duvet). 

I ironed everything, pinned only the mattress cover together and then just sewed it all together leaving a little opening to put the stuffing in. The Mattress cover has a cool opening thanks to my clever use of the original hemming on the curtain, in case Eeyore wets his bed you know:-)

So how is that for an hour of work...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat heb je dat ontzettend leuk gemaakt Sonja en weet je, Eeyore is mijn favoriete karakter in Winnie the Pooh. Bij de geboorte van Sarah heb ik het grote WP boek gekregen van mijn man, zo lief! Wat zal je kleine mannetje blij zijn met het bed voor zijn vriendje, of....... ga je nog een hut voor hem bouwen, van stokken?! a home for Eeyore.

    1. Dankjewel Marjolijn! Wie weet hoe het verder gaat met Eeyore's uitzet....ik hou je op de hoogte:-)