dinsdag 30 april 2013

Getting ready for LOAD: craft space organization

It's only my first time doing LOAD and I have been reading as much as I can about how to get ready for LOAD. I've done a few specific things in the run up to LOAD that make me feel much more comfortable about the daunting task ahead of me. And maybe this post will help you too. It's a combination of both how to get ready for LOAD and how to speed up your scrapbooking in general so that it's faster, easier and even more fun to put your stories on paper.

A few weeks ago I decided to turn things around in my 'office'. My desk was very utilitarian in an administratieve kind of a way. Not representing what I spend most of my time on: Making paper creations. My scrapbooking and art supplies were all neatly tidied away in some cool boxes. This meant that when I wanted to go and do something it would mean having open boxes all over my room (and the rest of the house:-). And because I didn't always feel like doing that I would either not make a layout at all or it would be a bit lacking in the decoratieve department. Also, I had bought lots more art supplies (think acrylic paints and stencils etc.) recently that I wanted to use in my scrapbooking but they were tidied away even further. So they didn't make it to the page and I felt guilty about that. Not a good thing!

So I decided to put all of my art supplies within easy reach: Paints, (glitter) glue and sprays in open containers hanging on the wall. Punches, inks, wooden stamps and sheets of lettering, flowers and ribbon in drawers on top of my desk. On top of the drawers are  two baskets: one with clear stamps and the other with small 6x6 patterned papers. My main 12 x 12 papers are in the book case right behind my desk.

In the four drawers under my desk are some more essentials: adhesives of course, embellishments and scrap drawer. 

The scraps are both just odds and ends but there are also some clear files with colour coordinated scraps that were leftover from layouts I made. I've found that this way I can easily match them up again or use them to make quick cards. A tip from Lain :-)

On the pin board right in front of me: my go-to-layout. A layout that is easy and satisfying to make when I am stuck for inspiration and want to make the deadline:- This is a layout by Aphra Bolyer. I got it through a friend and it is just so easy and quick. One photo is all I need! 

More ideas to speed up your scrapping in future posts. Thanks for reading!

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